The Succesful Revolution Becomes the New Tyranny

There is, in Western society and culture  today prevalent a predominant, fundamentalist, ideological orthodoxy for a certain definition of social justice.  It may or may not be trtuly just, if there be an objective standard for that. In fact, it’s likely not to be because definitions of justice held by social and political tendencies that predominate in a society or culture tend not to be just simply because they predominate and dicourage criticism of it and thus don’t allow for its editing or correcting.

Its influence is authoritative in society, its exponents and adherants are in control, in charge and in power and so have much invested in staying that way, this will often conflict with any wish to be objectively just. They may also be a successful revolutionary movement that is now the “ruling party”, as it were – and likely this is so, most predominating moral and political tendencies began as revolutionary movements.

Being in control, however, they are now no longer revolutionary but the reaction, reinventing,  or having long since the revolution reinvented, tyranny, perhaps identical or near identical to the one they overthrew. The adherents to and exponents of the prevalent, dominant tendency in society are therefore not of a revolutionary personality type anymore but of a very conservative, authoritarian personality. It no longer requires courage of convictions to adhere to it or to expound it. It’s no longer the type who is willing to challenge authority and risk censure, imprisonment, torture nd death for truth, freedom and justice, that wants to free itself and the world from tyranny and that wants freedom and tolerance for all.  It’s now no longer the courageous, tolerant and idealistic who join.

It is now the conservative, authoritarian and most “unrevolutionary” personality who adheres to and expounds the tendency, that wants to maintain authority and the status quo and wants to stop and suppress challenges to it and that fears freedom and tolerance and that coerces and bullies who now join.

So it is with Leftist tendencies in the Western World today. In the United States, because of its “exceptionalism”, only the cultural Left prevails, the Left does not have influence in the political economy. This is less true – but not entirely untrue – in other Western societies (“Western societies” here means the United States, Western Europe, Australia). It is still radical and revolutionary,  and thus still requires courage to expound socialism in the United States (and in Eastern Europe where what was misnomered “communism” or “socialism” due to Lenin’s revisionism of Marxism).

The cultural Left prevails in the U.S. and is used by the economic Right – which includes corporate Democrats – to distract from economic issues and divide and conquer the working classes.

The conservative personalities of the cultural Left, like all conservatives, are possessed of a general, social, political and intellectual intolerance and a incapacity for fairness and objectivity. Their purported “social tolerance” essentially consists of carefully defined exceptions to their general intolerances made for certain identity groups and in such a way that they become intolerances and reverse chauvinisms in their own right that, incidentally, divide society and the working classes for conquest by big business as effectively as the more frank racisms and anti group politics would do.



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